DIY Wall Art using leftover wall paint

I started with this old bullitin board that my mom gave me 5 years ago. I love the frame, but we really don’t have any use or space for a bullitin board. ¬†She simply glued and stapled cork board over an old painting. I forgot to take a picture of it with the frame still on, but you get the gist. In any case, I was excited to bring this frame back into my decor without the bullitin portion. Queue DIY painting! Continue reading “DIY Wall Art using leftover wall paint”

Living Room Chair Purchase thanks to Google Image Search

On Monday, my 29th birthday, I decided I’d treat myself and purchase these beautiful chairs to finish off the living room furniture expenditure. I felt good about the price, I love the style, and they only got 5 star reviews. I went to purchase and found this out: They only deliver in CA!!!! Not cool, Living Spaces, no cool. There wasn’t even an option to pay for shipping. Just strait up no. Continue reading “Living Room Chair Purchase thanks to Google Image Search”

Living Room Progress 2

It was a fun week with a new delivery almost every day! Last week, our chairs, bench, rug and table arrived. The table was the last to arrive and after seeing just the chairs and bench in the space, I was getting worried I was a bit aggressive with the amount of furniture we can fit in this space. However, once we got the table, the room magically looked bigger. It’s crazy how sometimes MORE furniture seems to enlarge a room.

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Crafts with Maps

I found multiple old maps in my aging car (120k miles and pushing 10 years old) that luckily don’t serve their intended purpose anymore thanks to iPhone navigation. But fortunately, I’m putting these maps to good use with a little cutting, pasting, pretty paper, and simple frames. Here’s what I’ve made this far out of the maps. I originally made simple hearts out of the location of weddings, but recently started adding the invite for a more personal touch. I also made two for baby gifts out of the birth state of the newborn. I think they’ve turned out pretty cute for a DIY project.

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