Crafts with Maps

I found multiple old maps in my aging car (120k miles and pushing 10 years old) that luckily don’t serve their intended purpose anymore thanks to iPhone navigation. But fortunately, I’m putting these maps to good use with a little cutting, pasting, pretty paper, and simple frames. Here’s what I’ve made this far out of the maps. I originally made simple hearts out of the location of weddings, but recently started adding the invite for a more personal touch. I also made two for baby gifts out of the birth state of the newborn. I think they’ve turned out pretty cute for a DIY project. 

Dallas, Texas wedding:

Cedar Rapids, IA Wedding:

New Orleans, LO Wedding:

Cancun, Mexico Wedding:

Golden Valley, MN Wedding:

Kansas baby boy:

Colorado baby girl:

It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon project and I’m looking forward to making more as the celebrations keep coming! Here are some in progress pics and one wrapped up and ready for a bridal shower!

Now back to other important things, like cheering on the Vikes!

All Hale the Hale Navy! Master Bedroom Progress

Last Sunday, at about noon, I decided to paint the master bedroom and ignore all other reasonable things I should have been doing. And suddenly, by 8pm, all the painting was done!

Since I really wanted to get this job done in day, I didn’t have time to test out paint samples on the walls. Instead, I did some google education, and there seems to be broad agreement in the blogging community that Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is a fool proof navy blue. So I went with it and have no regrets!

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The Plan for the Master Bedroom

Over the next few weeks my plan is to pain the master bedroom. I’ve narrowed down the color options to either Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore or Wrought Iron by Martha Stewart. The only other new items I’d like to purchase for the room is simple white curtains for the windows. I bought the current yellow ones at Target about 2 years ago now and I am already not a fan. The neutrals are calling my name now more than a pop of color.

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To Paint the Master Bedroom? And Garden Progress

Now that I’ve painted nearly 80% of the main floor, I’m getting the urge to paint our master bedroom.  Right now, it is a super soft blue. It is not a color I would have picked out, but I definitely don’t hate it. It’s light and cheery and goes well with our black airmoire and dark grey bed. Here is the current color. Note this picture was from almost 2 years ago when Izzy was a wee lil puppy! Time is flying! Continue reading “To Paint the Master Bedroom? And Garden Progress”

The Floors are done and so Starts the Hunt for a Bench

After 10 days of living without any furniture on our main floor and a few sleep overs at my parents house, our main floor new hardwood flooring is complete! We went with Early American and I am happy with that decision. While tempting to go with a darker stain, I think this stain fits well with the style of our house and looks like a fancied up version of what could be the original flooring.  UB hardwoods was A+ and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat for anyone else needing floors refinished or installed.

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