Scenes from our moving process. Love knowing that we won’t be going through this for years to come!!

Goodbye westend, city lights, and highway noise.


The best way to transport a closet: duct taped hangers. I learned this lesson from my sister years ago.


While we were packing, this generous little bro power cleaned all our carpet. Thanks brotha Ky!!


1 uhaul, a hard working husband, 2 unseen strong college boys (thank you again Kyle), a trusty cart, and many stairs in between, we moved our one bedroom apartment in the truck!


Once we arrived at the house, we had the uhaul unpacked in no time! Thanks mama and pops for all the help and a much needed lunch!



And the rest of the day consisted of unpacking boxes, cleaning, painting, scrubbing, and a few drinks in between.


And of course, with a LARGE trip to Target!



One thought on “Moving!

  1. Love love love the house, and can’t wait to follow the decorating and fixing adventures (and hopefully contributing a bit too- if only my “assitant” was a bit more helpful:) xoxo


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