Bathroom Progress 2

We finished the last coat of paint on the vanity and assembled back together just in time for our weekend visitors! It’s so much more crisp and clean, and I’m loving it. Next up is framing the mirror!


Izzy approves!


Before and after:


With the bathroom in useable shape, the Frank family of four arrived! Hello cute nephews!


Nephew and puppy bonding- Their conversation went a little something like this: bark, babble, bark, bark, giggle, babble, bark…. With lots of smiles along the way!


The weekend included dinner out, breakfast in, a lot of Izzy chasing, and ended with a nap!










Curb Appeal

Our house needs a new coat of exterior paint in the coming year (years?) and it definitely needs some help on curb appeal.

Currently, there is a boring garage door and no shutters. I don’t know a thing about color combos for garage vs. shutter vs. house color, but I mocked up a few options in powerpoint. And since we have to paint the exterior soon anyway, I’m toying with the idea of painting the house white. But changing the house color in powerpoint is over my head, so I’m using my imagination for now!

Current- Back in the day when plenty of snow wasn’t covering EVERYTHING:


Option 1: New garage door, black shutters, white pillars

shutters and garage door

Option 2: New white garage door, white shutters, white pillars

This is too much white for my liking.

shutters and garage door white


Option 3:: Different garage door, wood shutters, white pillars:

I think this is my fav!

shutters and garage door diff garage door

Bathroom Progress

After sanding, deglossing and priming:



Izzy was confused why I was relocating her toys/bed to our bathroom:


After two coats of ultra white by Valspar:


Two different hardware options. I actually think I like the brushed nickel best:



We are heading in the right direction, though I might have lost a few brain cells at the expense of paint fumes…


Bathroom Current State and Inspiration

We started our DIY remodel in Izzy’s room (aka the guest bath).  She’s excited about this change because she spends quite a lot of time here! Oh the life of a stay at home dog with two working parents! This room is set up perfectly for some small changes that I think will go a long way.

It has great wood cabinets, but they’re not my style and the pulls are straight from the seventies. Queue white paint and oil rubbed bronze hardware.



I love the large mirror, and fortunately Pinterest has so many perfect recipes to frame clip-ons like this.


The light fixtures gotta go. Hoping to find cute glass pendant ones to replace these flowery twisty things!


So hopefully before 2015, this bathroom will look quite different!

Current: Pardon the mess! And hi to Izzy! /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d23/70901959/files/2014/12/img_0007.jpg


And the inspiration:


Kitchen Table

We found the kitchen table back in October. After lusting over a very over priced one from Aurhaus , we happened to find a similar (enough) one at Hom furniture. I wasn’t a fan of the accompanying chairs, so we searched for substitutes. We got the four black from ikea and the two upholster end chairs from Target. I’m a true fan of all things Threshold 🙂