The Wins and Opps of Oak Overload

I stumbled across this article while browsing for ideas for a new stair rail. It has great inspiration in how to make oak in a house with owners that are partial to white ūüôā Continue reading “The Wins and Opps of Oak Overload”


DIY Headboard for our Guest Bedroom

I decided to forgo the old closet doors for our guest bedroom headboard and ¬†conquered the DIY upholstered headboard this weekend. I didn’t end up following any one tutorial (so many out there), but instead just went with what I remembered from all the reading. ¬† Continue reading “DIY Headboard for our Guest Bedroom”

Weekend Happenings

Another beautiful weekend! Thanks MN! Between watching the Wild games, a party bus, and a rodeo, we did manage to find time to get a little work done around the house. 

Matt conquered some lawn work and power washing while simultaneously staying up to date on the latest sports podcasts.   

See that progress!? It’s so much more fun when a project is instantly gratifying.

Izzy always has to be where the action is.  

Here is the deck before. We are quite done yet, so no official after pictures to share.  

While Matt was enjoying his deck time, I decided to modge podge a few vases I had sitting around. A little extra color is always a win in my book. I planted Rosemary, parsley, mint, and cilantro. Only time will tell if they actually grow… 


  And this little one is still recovering from her little surgery. Luckily, we are now done with the cone. I like to pretend she doesn’t mind it, but let’s be real.


Guest Bed Headboard

I’ve been looking for ideas for a DIY headboard. Though it’s really tempting to buy one of these for only $80, I am in need of another project to keep me busy

My two favorite options are:

1. DIY Upholstered headboard: ¬†There are far too many how-to’s out in the blog world for this project and I am honestly overwhelmed which I should follow. ¬†If we go this route, I will most likely stick with my go-to, Young House Love. I did score super cute fabric at Target to use for this. ¬†The navy and white ikat pattern was on clearance from $19.99 to $5.98. I was hoping to find another to I could use them as window curtains, but there was only 1 unit left at the store.


YHL Bed Frame

DIY headboard 2

2. ¬†Reclaim Closet Doors: ¬†Matt removed the doors below from our basement this fall. There is one room in the basement that they technically counted as a bedroom because it has¬†a window and used to have these¬†doors for separation from the basement family room. ¬†It looks so much better without them and now there it feels like a more open space. In any case, we’ve been storing them in our storage room just in case there was a new need for them in our house. ¬†Below is some inspiration using similar material.

I do like the color of the wood and¬†would prefer not to paint it, but I’m worried it will look unfinished if I don’t.

diy door

DIY door 2

And here is an example of the wood look

DIY wood

Master Bathroom Progress

So this is where we are at!

  • New paint color- Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey
  • New mirror- Wayfair
  • New wall shelves- Home Depot Materials
  • New towel bar- Amazon

And, I am suddenly a firm believer that all those “Weekend Bathroom Makeover” posts on Pinterest are only for those that don’t sleep AND have industrial dryers. ¬†I had a head start because I painted and added¬†new hardware to the vanity a couple of months ago. ¬†So with just the wall painting and new shelves, there still wasn’t enough time in one weekend to get it all done. Between the taping, priming, cutting, drying, drilling, drying, sanding, and more. took me about 2.5 weeks.

We removed the builders grade mirror and added a silver framed one from Wayfair.

Old Mirror:

New mirror: ¬† It ties in the light fixture (which I don’t hate, so we are not replacing it) and will go nicely with the new faucet I found. ¬†Matt pinky swore he would install it¬†this weekend. I am willing to try more DIY projects, but no thank you to anything plumbing related ūüôā ¬†Thanks Matt!¬†

I’m loving the wall color. While I’m not a big fan of the closet doors, I do like the warmth of the dark wood. I’m debating if new brushed silver hardware would help these closets out…

And the shelves! I’m so happy with these! I originally bought Threahold ones from Target because I wanted to just be done with the bathroom, but I talked myself into trying a DIY version. ¬†So off I went to the Home Depot lumber yard, and they cut up some wood to my specified dimensions:)

Here’s the lumber before¬†staining: ¬†

After adding coats of stain, which took forever to dry. Luckily, it was a beautiful weekend, so the sunshine helped with the drying job.

And then it was Matt’s turn. He is the best tool boy in da houz! Ah, and I also spray painted the L brackets a rusty silver. ¬†And man oh man, spray painting is fun! I’ve got other ideas brewing to use the rest of the paint.

And here is the end result after adding some accessories!  I like how the stain of the wood matches the closet doors.

And lastly, here are some before and after comparisons.  The before listing were from original house listings. I tried to mimic them with my iPhone, but I learned they definitely used a panoramic camera because it is impossible to get the same view with a normal lens.

Out with the Old

Out with the old, and in with the new. Or maybe it should be- Out with the new, in with the newer. 

I bought the table on the right few months ago and it ended in buyers regret. The rod iron was too slim and the table just felt to insignificant for the space. We accidentally threw away the packaging during the garage cleaning last Saturday, so I found a new home for the table in our basement. The newer table on the left was an impromptu find at Homegoods. For only $150, it was on budget and a much better fit for the space. Win! 

 Now (or later) we have address the light beige (and slightly pink) tile and the stair railing. 

And notice my fluorescent U of MN sweatshirt?! Hard to miss, and it’s my fav!


Easter Weekend

I spent a few too many hours in our bathroom this weekend, but I am happy with the progress! We parted our ways from the baby blue paint and I went with Rockport Grey. The color stole my heart back in 2012 thanks to this post: Young House Love Bedroom.

We are waiting on a new towel bar, wall shelves, and then some minimal accessories. More to come on the final outcome, but here’s the progress we’ve made.

We removed the ugly towel bars. There were no screws involved. They were simply glued to the wall which left for quite a mess to repair.




We removed the original mirror. I don’t think you can find a more boring mirror than this guy.



I patched up the walls. After my self taught Google education, I thought I needed to use wall tape. But no, that was a mistake. Adding the drywall paste directly to the wall was far less noticeable, easier to execute, and less expensive. Win!

Here is the one fixed with the tape. Notice that large bump in the wall… Yep, hard to miss.¬† I worry it will bother my every morning of my life for years to come. Though it actually doesn’t look as bad anymore thanks to sanding, sanding, and more sanding along with a coat of primer and two coats of paint.

IMG_1262 IMG_1301  IMG_1297

For the three other areas needing repair, I directly applied the wall paste and then sanded it down.


And then came the taping and painting! Not finished yet, but made significant progress and the bathroom is useable again!



The rest of our weekend included some lawn work with my mom while Matt deep cleaned the garage.¬† I honestly don’t think I sat down for a second until we heading to the bar for the NCAA basketball games.



And we wrapped up our Sunday with a quick run in the best running weather (overcast and 50) and an Easter gathering at our place.



Alice loved crawling on the fireplace!


IMG_1324 IMG_1325


IMG_1329 IMG_1330

It was a smaller gathering than most holidays. We missed our brothers and pops were were cheering on the Badgers in Indiana and spending time with our nieces! Luckily, there was a quick skype date so we could all say hi to each other!