Easter Weekend

I spent a few too many hours in our bathroom this weekend, but I am happy with the progress! We parted our ways from the baby blue paint and I went with Rockport Grey. The color stole my heart back in 2012 thanks to this post: Young House Love Bedroom.

We are waiting on a new towel bar, wall shelves, and then some minimal accessories. More to come on the final outcome, but here’s the progress we’ve made.

We removed the ugly towel bars. There were no screws involved. They were simply glued to the wall which left for quite a mess to repair.




We removed the original mirror. I don’t think you can find a more boring mirror than this guy.



I patched up the walls. After my self taught Google education, I thought I needed to use wall tape. But no, that was a mistake. Adding the drywall paste directly to the wall was far less noticeable, easier to execute, and less expensive. Win!

Here is the one fixed with the tape. Notice that large bump in the wall… Yep, hard to miss.  I worry it will bother my every morning of my life for years to come. Though it actually doesn’t look as bad anymore thanks to sanding, sanding, and more sanding along with a coat of primer and two coats of paint.

IMG_1262 IMG_1301  IMG_1297

For the three other areas needing repair, I directly applied the wall paste and then sanded it down.


And then came the taping and painting! Not finished yet, but made significant progress and the bathroom is useable again!



The rest of our weekend included some lawn work with my mom while Matt deep cleaned the garage.  I honestly don’t think I sat down for a second until we heading to the bar for the NCAA basketball games.



And we wrapped up our Sunday with a quick run in the best running weather (overcast and 50) and an Easter gathering at our place.



Alice loved crawling on the fireplace!


IMG_1324 IMG_1325


IMG_1329 IMG_1330

It was a smaller gathering than most holidays. We missed our brothers and pops were were cheering on the Badgers in Indiana and spending time with our nieces! Luckily, there was a quick skype date so we could all say hi to each other!



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