Master Bathroom Progress

So this is where we are at!

  • New paint color- Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey
  • New mirror- Wayfair
  • New wall shelves- Home Depot Materials
  • New towel bar- Amazon

And, I am suddenly a firm believer that all those “Weekend Bathroom Makeover” posts on Pinterest are only for those that don’t sleep AND have industrial dryers.  I had a head start because I painted and added new hardware to the vanity a couple of months ago.  So with just the wall painting and new shelves, there still wasn’t enough time in one weekend to get it all done. Between the taping, priming, cutting, drying, drilling, drying, sanding, and more. took me about 2.5 weeks.

We removed the builders grade mirror and added a silver framed one from Wayfair.

Old Mirror:

New mirror:   It ties in the light fixture (which I don’t hate, so we are not replacing it) and will go nicely with the new faucet I found.  Matt pinky swore he would install it this weekend. I am willing to try more DIY projects, but no thank you to anything plumbing related 🙂  Thanks Matt! 

I’m loving the wall color. While I’m not a big fan of the closet doors, I do like the warmth of the dark wood. I’m debating if new brushed silver hardware would help these closets out…

And the shelves! I’m so happy with these! I originally bought Threahold ones from Target because I wanted to just be done with the bathroom, but I talked myself into trying a DIY version.  So off I went to the Home Depot lumber yard, and they cut up some wood to my specified dimensions:)

Here’s the lumber before staining:  

After adding coats of stain, which took forever to dry. Luckily, it was a beautiful weekend, so the sunshine helped with the drying job.

And then it was Matt’s turn. He is the best tool boy in da houz! Ah, and I also spray painted the L brackets a rusty silver.  And man oh man, spray painting is fun! I’ve got other ideas brewing to use the rest of the paint.

And here is the end result after adding some accessories!  I like how the stain of the wood matches the closet doors.

And lastly, here are some before and after comparisons.  The before listing were from original house listings. I tried to mimic them with my iPhone, but I learned they definitely used a panoramic camera because it is impossible to get the same view with a normal lens.


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