Guest Bed Headboard

I’ve been looking for ideas for a DIY headboard. Though it’s really tempting to buy one of these for only $80, I am in need of another project to keep me busy

My two favorite options are:

1. DIY Upholstered headboard:  There are far too many how-to’s out in the blog world for this project and I am honestly overwhelmed which I should follow.  If we go this route, I will most likely stick with my go-to, Young House Love. I did score super cute fabric at Target to use for this.  The navy and white ikat pattern was on clearance from $19.99 to $5.98. I was hoping to find another to I could use them as window curtains, but there was only 1 unit left at the store.


YHL Bed Frame

DIY headboard 2

2.  Reclaim Closet Doors:  Matt removed the doors below from our basement this fall. There is one room in the basement that they technically counted as a bedroom because it has a window and used to have these doors for separation from the basement family room.  It looks so much better without them and now there it feels like a more open space. In any case, we’ve been storing them in our storage room just in case there was a new need for them in our house.  Below is some inspiration using similar material.

I do like the color of the wood and would prefer not to paint it, but I’m worried it will look unfinished if I don’t.

diy door

DIY door 2

And here is an example of the wood look

DIY wood


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