DIY Headboard for our Guest Bedroom

I decided to forgo the old closet doors for our guest bedroom headboard and  conquered the DIY upholstered headboard this weekend. I didn’t end up following any one tutorial (so many out there), but instead just went with what I remembered from all the reading.  It was so much easier than I thought and I’m loving the end result. This project though is not as cheap as I thought. You can buy what looks to be nice upholstered headboards from Wayfair or Overstock for around $100. I ended up paying about $80 on all the material.

Here was our list:

Gray pleated fabric: Shower curtain $23 Target Threshold

Foaming: Target RE $14 Twin mattress pad

Batting: Joanne fabrics $15 king size (plenty of extra for another project and it was on clearance and cheaper than the smaller packs)

Plywood: Lowes lumber yard and included cutting it to my dimensions (36×60) and the remainder of the board $15

Hanging hardware: metal French cleat from Home Depot. I had Matt run the errand to get this since I forgot it while getting the rest of the supplies. He went to Lowes because its closest to us, but they didn’t carry it. Off he went to Home Depot and found it for $15

Staple Gun: Luckily my parents had a brand new and unopened staple gun sitting at their house. Why they had this, I do not know. But I definitely appreciated not spending another $20 on buying one.

This is what the room looked like before. Total blah…. 

And here is some of the work in progress. Izzy unfortunately insisted on being by my side the entire time and she was NOT helpful!


Then came adding the shower curtain! 

And lastly, Matt got out the big tools and added the hardware and attached it to the wall.


And Donzo! Izzy approved, too!

I did also pick up the Lily For Target blanket at Target. I love it! Super heavy fabric with awesome gold stripes and tassels!



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