Taking Bids for Entryway Tile and Cabinet Painting

We are getting bids right now for 2 projects.  First, to update the entryway with new tile and new stair rail. I want to add a tile (travertine maybe?) that ties in the grey walls and the oak trim. I also want to get a more modern stair rail that incorporates white (for the soon to be built-ins and dream kitchen) while still maintaining some oak. I loved the boxy newels like the picture shown below.

And our second project is to update our built-ins in the family room and living room. For the family room, we want to get rid of the tube TV unit and make it flat against the wall like the left side. For the living room, there is zero need for a computer desk these days. So I want to reconstruct this whole unit and add glass shelves to make it feel a little more open.  We are asking to have both painted white with gloss enamel finish.

Below is what I have been showing the two contractors that are currently in a bidding war for this project 🙂

entrway before and inspiration



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