More Lawn Progress- Making it Pretty

With the long holiday weekend, we were able to check off a few more to-dos on the never ending house project list.

This unfortunately included removing the corner of our front hedge that died and looked like it was taking over the rest of the shrub.

The right side used to look like this beautiful left side:

 And now it’s rocking for the messy look:  

The good news is my mom happened to find the same hedge at a nearby nursery. So after texting back and forth some pictures, we verified it was a match!  We uprooted the oldie and planted the new one in its place. I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long to grow into place.

We also planted three hydrangeas and some impaciens.

I also fell in love with these potted succulents at Lowes! They now have a home on our deck.

The rest of the weekend included a run and some quality time at the cabin, with lots of clouds and rain… But the weekend continues tomorrow and I can’t wait to start my next project:)



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