DIY Guest Bedroom Bedside Table

I found this lovely gem for $20 at The Hope Chest, a resale furniture store in Wayzata where all proceeds go to breat cancer research.

I decided to give chalk paint a try since there is no prep work required, no sanding, no priming, no nada! It sounded great to me. After multiple coats of the paint, I then learned I needed to start a tedious process of waxing… No thanks. So after some Google education, I learned about the short cut of using Polycrylic spray. Since I kept the original top, which will get all the wear and tear,  I was okay with not having a super protective coating.

In progress:

Deciding between knobs:

Finished and placed in the guest bedroom:

And, before and after:


2 thoughts on “DIY Guest Bedroom Bedside Table

  1. haha, I don’t think amazing is the word, but it is fun! Matt helped with the heavy lifting on this one, transferring the table from car to garage to room! He also did A LOT of lawn work this weekend! Love that boy!


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