Summer Weekend House Randomness

Here are a few snapshots of our weekend projects.

1. Matt trimmed a lot of our bushes and did ALOT of yard work. Thank you Matt!! This front hedge was out of control, but now is looking much more shapely! I delegated while sipping on my new favorite smoothie (banana, strawberry, coconut water, vanilla Teras Whey protein powder) and then helped pick up the clippings and water the flowers!  Continue reading “Summer Weekend House Randomness”


Entryway Progress and 4th of July with the Nieces

It has been over a month since our contractor started deconstructing and reconstructing our entryway. After a few delays (uneven tile, late shipments, etc) we’ve finally made substantial progress. He still has to come back next week to finish the details, but so far we are SO happy with the changes. No more mauve tile calls for a few high fives! Continue reading “Entryway Progress and 4th of July with the Nieces”