Summer Weekend House Randomness

Here are a few snapshots of our weekend projects.

1. Matt trimmed a lot of our bushes and did ALOT of yard work. Thank you Matt!! This front hedge was out of control, but now is looking much more shapely! I delegated while sipping on my new favorite smoothie (banana, strawberry, coconut water, vanilla Teras Whey protein powder) and then helped pick up the clippings and water the flowers! 


2. I finally got sick of this messy room, so decided to take advantage of Target’s home sale and got new window curtain rods and panels. For both the rods and panels, the offer was buy 3, get the fourth free.  I also finally hung some frames and wall art I have been hoarding over the years. They are also all from Target.  Yikes, I’m beginning to think I might be overinvesting in Target decor…



3. Matt hung this mirror in our basement. It was a find at HomeGoods from a few weeks ago. Now I need to find a little something for the table top. And no, that football helmet is not in the running.

3. And I wrapped up the weekend with bridal shower, grilled salmon and asparagus kale mixture (my creation :)) and of course, some yogurt lab!



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