Updating the Chair Rail to be More Modern

About a week ago, I got really sick of the beige color and char rail. Rather than removing the railing like we did in the family room, we decided to make the most of it and change it into the board and batten style. 

Our entryway from the garage used to look like this: 

We followed, you guessed it, a Young House Love tutorial. It’s call Board and Batten while they completed it for under sixty dollars, it costed us well over $300 (mainly due to the new saw horse and saw). In any case, it was well worth the money and we had the whole project wrapped up in about 3 days!

We needed a saw for this project to cut the lattice boards, so Matt got to buy more man tools! I’m also super excited we have this for future projects!

In progress:

The top paint is Brainstorm Bronze. It is such a great color and changes based on the lighting. The bottom is ultra white, which is about as basic as a white that you can get.


And complete!

After Matt cut down all the lattice boards to the right height, he nailed them to the walls so I could get going with the final coat of paint!

Ah, I seriously get giddy with this room now! Next up is painting the door, though I’m very undecided on either white (will it get too dirty?) or the brainstorm bronze.  


And how crazy that the room started like (1) this with the first owners, then (2) this when we moved in, and now (3) the current!






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