The Creation of a Basement Man Cave

Here is how last week went: Work all day, come home at 5:30, work on the basement, go to bed. In other words, we did very little last week besides work on our basement. It was well worth the time, but I must say that I truly missed our binge watching nights of the Good Wife. It’s definitely one of my favorite series yet. Watch it!

Without further ado, here’s the progress we made over the last week!
Before: Wood paneling and wood shelves on both sides of the fireplace. After Matt tried for a few hours to remove the mantel on the fireplace. He gave in and decided to mount the tv right over it.


In progress:

I am so thankful that the previous owners kept the old paint and clearly labeled them. High fives around to not buying any new paint for this project! We simply used the extra beige basement paint and got to work!

One side done!

Progress on the other side. These shelves just soaked up the paint. It took to prime and paint.

And while I was a busy bee painting away, Matt handled all the electrical and TV mounting. And yes, for some reason we have three TVs. I don’t get it, but it makes Matt really happy. He found the media console under the two TVs on Craigslist. I was pleasantly surprised he found such a great peice for such a good deal! $70 and just a drive to the north loop, and it was ours!

And here is what a week of work looks like!


And some new pillows from homegoods!

And it’s a wrap! For now… I always have more ideas brewing… Like where to put a mini bar!



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