Happy Birthday House!

One year ago, we moved in to our house!  To wish our house a happy first birthday (restated to 47 year based on its actual 1968 birth date), I documented how the house changed over the last 365 days!

Here is how it looked when we bought it in August 2014:  The Befores

And here is the current state as of August 2015:


Overall, we didn’t make many changes to the kitchen.  We painted the walls (Mega Griege), got a new light fixture, and pieced together a new dinner table between Home Furniture, Target, and Ikea.  When we first moved in, I thought I wanted to treat the oak cabinets with a fresh coat of white paint, but this woodsy look is really growing on me.  Someday we will open up the kitchen to the living room and get new white cabinet that go all the way to the ceiling, but in the meantime, we do appreciate this space!






Dining Room turn Entryway:

This room is supposed to be a formal dining room, but it is also the only access to the garage. So, we treat it more like a entryway/foyer.  I love the bright natural light in this room, but I do worry we don’t have enough storage when we start adding kids to the mix.  We’ve thought about adding a wall to part of the room, but I don’t want to give up the bay window that looks out to the backyard.  Maybe we will add a small closet with fun doors when the table and lamp are?   For now though, this room works for the family of three (Izzy is our baby for now).

As for changes, we added the board and batten, painted the walls, and got a new light fixture.  All the decor is Target Threshold, HomeGoods, and wedding gifts! Someday soon, I want to put up crisp white curtains on the bay window!





Family Room:

This is by far our most lived in room! On most nights, you will find Matt on the couch, me on the chair, and Izzy running around like a crazy lady while barking at us to get up and play with her!  Aren’t we exciting?!

We didn’t make many changes in this room. The color is the same as the kitchen (Mega Greige), and we got all new furniture. The grey couch and chair are from Macys and the new leather chair is from HomeGoods.  The curtains and many of the pillows are from Ikea. The white ottoman is just two small Threshold ottomans covered with a blanket. While I always wanted a big leather square ottoman, we do love that the two small ottomans allows us to move them where needed!

IMG_0326_2 IMG_0327_2 IMG_0325_2 IMG_0324_2

And this room served us well for football watching:



This is the only room that we hired out help to make some needed changes. We worked with a contractor to replace the tiles and change the stair rail.  While we appreciated the help, we tackled the rest of it on our own. We painted the walls (Repose Gray) the door (Kendall Charcoal), and installed the new light fixture all by ourselves.  I also splurged at Pottery Barn on the mirror (though it was on clearance) and it was well worth the money.  This is a room that we can see as we hangout in the living room, we walk through it daily, and the first room any of our guests see. I am so happy with the progress!

IMG_0344_2 IMG_0322_4 IMG_0320_4


Master Bedroom:

This is one of the few rooms that hasn’t gotten a new coat of paint! The previous owners painted it a very pale blue and we like it. We simply moved in our furniture and got new drapes from Target.

IMG_0338_2 IMG_0336_2

Master Bathroom:

I spent a lot of time in this room to make it feel a little more our style.  I painted the cabinets,  got a new mirror, painted the walls, and made my own shelving. Matt also installed new faucets, towels bars, and hardware.  It’s a little small, but I do like this space!


Guest Bedroom:

We kept the paint color from the previous owners. It is a little bright, but okay for a guest bedroom. I made the headboard and painted over a thrift store bed stand.  The wall art is a compilation of our wedding cards and a fun reminder of our special day!



Matt’s Closet Room (what should be a guest bedroom):

Yes, this is how it normally looks… One of these days I will convince him that his closet and  and dresser can serve a great purpose! The only changes here were adding the window rods and curtains and adding some wall art!  And, want to know my favorite part of this room? I, yes me, hung those curtains rods all by myself! Matt was out of town for the week and I was set on cleaning up this room a bit. So far they are staying up, so I will take it as a win in my book.


Main Floor Bath:

This was my first major project and it was well worth the time. I painted the cabinets white and added new hardware.  I am still on the hunt for new pendant lights, but haven’t found any that I love yet.

IMG_0332_2 IMG_0330_4

Living Room:

This house is too big for the three of us, so we have yet to fill this room with any furniture.  The two chairs are hand-me-downs from my parents, and the paint color is the original. I will paint this room in the coming year, but I am undecided on how gutsy I want to get with the color. I’ve been thinking about a dark blue, but I am guessing we will go forward with a gray/beige color.  We did hang curtain rods (120 inches long!), but I am waiting to find the perfect curtains.

IMG_0317_4 IMG_0318_4 IMG_0343_2


Love this space! We bought this table and chairs last year thanks to a super clearance sale at Lowes.  Matt has been talking about removing the railing and a few boards on the deck. I also want to add some Lattice board on the corner on the right for a little more privacy from our neighbors.  I’m hoping we tackle this project this fall 🙂






And 11 months in, we made some changes to the basement! We painted the built-ins, and mounted the TVs.  We removed some bifold doors and turned what is supposed the be the 5th bedroom into an office.  Matt has his second monitor mounted so he can work the night’s away while watching 3 different TV shows.

IMG_0347_4 IMG_0348_4 IMG_0346_4 IMG_0280-0

Basement Guest Bedroom and Basement Bath:

These are the only two room in the house that we have yet to touch! The basement bathroom toilet is ridiculously dirty. I’ve scrubbed it for hours (okay, more like a minute or two) and the ring around the water is not going away… So annoying!  The basement bedroom though is the happy home of my wedding dress! So at least that closet is serving a purpose!



And that my friends, is one year worth of work on one house that we love! I can’t decide if it was a lot or a little changes for year 1.  But what I do know is that we enjoyed all 365 days in making this house feel like home. Matt might not agree with ALL of it, but he agrees for the most part.  We love our house!


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