Downstairs Bathroom Gets Some Updates

It hit me this weekend. This uncontrollable need to do a little something to the dark and dingy basement bathroom.  I honestly dreaded stepping into this tiny space because almost everything needs an update. On top of that, I’ve scrubbed that toilet one billion times and it’s still dirty. Frustration at its finest. Continue reading “Downstairs Bathroom Gets Some Updates”


Exterior Facelift- Shutters and Lights Update

We made a few updates to our exterior.

I painted three outdoor lights that were rusting and dated with s few coats of Rustoleum. Rustoleum is absolutely amazing! Goes on anything and finished perfectly. It did take awhile to tape the glass and siding, but it was well worth it. Continue reading “Exterior Facelift- Shutters and Lights Update”

R.I.P. Oven and a New Electric Fence

We’ve spent the entire summer without an oven.  And now that labor day is over and grilling season is coming to an end, we decided it was time to finally get our oven fixed.  Or so we thought. Nope, the service man gave it a good look and informed us that the entire unit is done for and it is time to go shopping for a new one. Continue reading “R.I.P. Oven and a New Electric Fence”