R.I.P. Oven and a New Electric Fence

We’ve spent the entire summer without an oven.  And now that labor day is over and grilling season is coming to an end, we decided it was time to finally get our oven fixed.  Or so we thought. Nope, the service man gave it a good look and informed us that the entire unit is done for and it is time to go shopping for a new one.

The owners before us bought a new fridge, so it is less than two years old.  The dishwasher is also relatively new.  And you want to know what these two kitchen appliances have in common? They are both white. So while I’d like to get stainless steel appliances, it is not worth getting rid of two functioning appliances so I’m warming up to a new white oven.  While the link below was written a solid two years ago, I do hope this trend continues: Apartment Therapy- White Appliances

Time to get serious about shopping. I was in sticker shock when I casually browsed the ovens at Lowes and learned it is likely going to be a $2k+ project… And unfortunately, there is far less of an assortment for white vs stainless Stee. But I need me some pumpkin muffins, baked spaghetti squash, kale chips, etc. Fall eats and oven cookin’ are a must.  Time to get to researching ovens!

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying the other latest addition to our house.  Izzy got an electric fence for her birthday and she loves it! And yes, these pics are me spying on those two as they play in the front. 

This is how she looked after her first day of ‘stay in the yard or you will get shocked’ boot camp: 

But now, she loves it! And so do it! It is so nice to run her around in the yard to burn energy and her inside accidents are slowly becoming less frequent 🙂  And Matt loves playing with her.


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