Popcorn Removal, Vents, Pumpkin, NOFO

After a busy and productive weekend, I had extra time on my hands today and decided to try and tackle some popcorn ceiling removal.  I started with the smallest room in our house, the master bath.  I read a lot about it on various blogs and it didn’t sound like it was too rough of a project.   Continue reading “Popcorn Removal, Vents, Pumpkin, NOFO”


October Happenings- Running, Antlers, and Crafts

Well, just like that and October is almost over! Unfortunately, it’s been very light on the house projects and I’m getting super eager to start something up soon. Here’s a little update on what’s keeping us busy in this house over the past few weeks! Continue reading “October Happenings- Running, Antlers, and Crafts”