October Happenings- Running, Antlers, and Crafts

Well, just like that and October is almost over! Unfortunately, it’s been very light on the house projects and I’m getting super eager to start something up soon. Here’s a little update on what’s keeping us busy in this house over the past few weeks!

The Twin Cities Marathon is complete and I finally have more free time for Pinterest-surfing and blog-stalking to come up with the next project:

For the few days leading up to the marathon, I rested the legs. So, we watched a lot of TV. And after the marathon, my entire body hurt. So, we watched a lot TV.  I stumbled out of the basement to check on Izzy and noticed our house looked like this during these TV binge watching sessions.  I’m sure the neighbors think we are really cool and are jealous of our exotic life (not). 

I turned the big 28 and got the perfect gift. Thank you Franks! I’m so excited to find the perfect use for these beauts. And props to the in-laws so the very fitting wrapping paper as well!

The package:

The gift: 
The inspiration, thanks to Pinterest:

We celebrated Izzy’s boyfriend’s mom’s birthday (otherwise known as my friend) and I made her a silhouette of their sweet aussiedoodle. 

And lastly, we took our shot at caring for a little one in this house of ours! Alice was a complete joy and taught Izzy that she will not always be the center of attention and that play-doh is for toddlers only!

That is all for now! Peace out from the Franks! 


One thought on “October Happenings- Running, Antlers, and Crafts

  1. Thanks for for updating the site and sharing what’s going on I really also like the site and appreciate your time that you spend updating it I’m sure it will become a nice site for chronicling your major events I can’t wait to show Ken the latest of the picture of the box in the and deer sheds Thanks for again for keeping us in touch thanks again for keeping in touch I could see using some string lights through it too you’ll have to keep sending me ideas I loved the white pumpkin some ideas with a with a heads into dispersed of them and especially since ken is harvesting white pumpkins but I can figure out what else is on top of that decoration kind of fluffy looking thing ! Thanks for always keeping us in the loop!


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