Popcorn Removal, Vents, Pumpkin, NOFO

After a busy and productive weekend, I had extra time on my hands today and decided to try and tackle some popcorn ceiling removal.  I started with the smallest room in our house, the master bath.  I read a lot about it on various blogs and it didn’t sound like it was too rough of a project.  So like I do for all my house projects, I changed in my DIY clothes, threw the hair up in a pony, turned on my podcasts, and was determined to tackle the project at hand!  FYI, my current favorite podcast is Jess Lively.  It’s inspiring 🙂 However, after 1 hour in and making super slow progress, I lost all hope and decided to quit.  So now our master bath looks like a construction zone, but I’m hoping I get the urge to start up on it again later this week. Only time will tell.  Here’s a few snaps on how it is looking.

The original ceiling, circa 1970:


After a few minutes in, I was feeling good about this project! It was going to be easy!


Or so I thought.  After 20 minutes in, it looked like someone broke 10,000 egg shells on our floor.



And 1.5 hours in, I decided this was just as bad as removing wallpaper.  I threw in the towel and cleaned up the gigantic mess.   So now our ceiling gets to look like this until I get my motivation back up.

IMG_1059  IMG_1060

Aside from the slight failure of this popcorn ceiling removal, we did take care of a few other house projects. Matt  updated gutter vents… or something like that. I don’t know what you call these things, but I take it this was an important update given how dirty the old ones were.

Dirty, am I right?


Workin’ Matt:


New and clean:


In hope of getting in the fall spirit, I purchased some pumpkins and decided to try painting them instead of carving.  I didn’t buy paint or paint brushes, for this project and instead worked with what I had on hand. I really want to paint a beautiful cursive F on one of them, but none of my wall painting brushes worked… I gave it a shot, but it was a hardcore fail and isn’t even worthy of sharing.

I tried making one with plaid stripes. It actually doesn’t look terrible in this picture, but in it was ‘toddler’ project status in person.  I might try decorating them more with a permanent marker to add a little more detail and pizazz. For now, they are orange-less pumpkins.

IMG_1027 x IMG_1043 IMG_1048

And lastly, I added two wreaths to our front door. I bought the wood wreaths, the greenery, and leapord ribbon at Michaels and assembled at home.  They aren’t super autumnal, but I like that we can keep them up from season to season. My plan is to add different color flowers to them for each season, starting with winter.


And its almost November and my flowers are still summery. Is that normal? I will take it!

IMG_1063 IMG_1062

Matt and I also enjoyed some fun in Northfield this weekend. So many fun memories on this campus.


This view never gets old, and is much appreciated on Sunday evenings. Ah, the joy of regrouping for a hectic week. Thank you MN for your beauty 🙂  Now time to bring on week!



One thought on “Popcorn Removal, Vents, Pumpkin, NOFO

  1. I always look forward to the updates! Beautiful flowers and Fall! Carleton looks like a lot of fun. Will you be down for Christian’s party?


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