Minnesota Frames

I’ve got a to-do list to tackle today, but I wanted to quickly share a quick craft from a few weekends ago.  I came across this post from a new-to-me blog, and since I already had the gold spray paint on hand from the antler craft, I decided to give it a try! Continue reading “Minnesota Frames”


November Happenings- New oven, Antler Detail, Calking, Vacuum Rental (Wild, right?)

Matt was gone last weekend hunting (he got one!), so I took advantage of this home alone time to check things off my to-do list!

You see this? Yep, all accomplished in 48hours!  None of it is too exciting to share, EXCEPT the outcome of the carpet cleaner. Continue reading “November Happenings- New oven, Antler Detail, Calking, Vacuum Rental (Wild, right?)”

Popcorn Be Gone (and Snacked), Halloween, and Nephews!

Because our Halloween festivities started mighty early and ended before dusk, I woke up last Sunday full of energy and ready to tackle the rest of the popcorn ceiling removal in the master bathroom. It by no means looks great, but it definitely annoys me less than the popcorn, so I will take that as a win. Continue reading “Popcorn Be Gone (and Snacked), Halloween, and Nephews!”