Popcorn Be Gone (and Snacked), Halloween, and Nephews!

Because our Halloween festivities started mighty early and ended before dusk, I woke up last Sunday full of energy and ready to tackle the rest of the popcorn ceiling removal in the master bathroom. It by no means looks great, but it definitely annoys me less than the popcorn, so I will take that as a win. If I ever gather enough nerves to attempt this in another room in our house, here are the three things I would do differently.

  1. Let the water soak into the ceiling for at least 10-15 minutes. I sometimes got impatient and started scrapping too early and ended up making far too many gashes in the ceiling. While I am getting better at patching with joint compound, it doesn’t look as smooth as it should.
  2. Paint the walls of the room after the ceiling.  It was mighty hard to keep a straight edge while painting the ceiling white (even with painters tape), so I ended up having to go buy more of the bathroom paint color (Rockport Grey) in order to cover up the mess.  Fortunately, it is easy to trim on the wall because the angle is a little easier to maneuver, so it looks fine. I was only annoyed that I had to make yet another trip to Lowes and repaint some of the same walls that I painted only a few months ago.
  3. Wear a hat. I looked like I aged 50 years thanks to my grey dusty hair.

Here are some of the pictures of the work:

I forgot to take a picture with the bathroom completely covered, but I did have this bathroom 100% wrapped with plastic sheets. Those dust particles didn’t stand a chance of escaping.


Popcorn gone and done with the patching.


So much dust!


Ceiling progress and me going a little crazy after hours in this small bathroom.


The finished project after a few coats of white ceiling paint and re-painting the trim on the walls. My arms were got quite the workout.


And as you can see, the ceilings are smooth, but there are definitely plenty of imperfections. We all aren’t perfect though, right? So ceilings shouldn’t be either.


So while this popcorn ceiling and I didn’t have the best of time together, I did enjoy prepping a popcorn snack for our Healthoween lunch at work.  Overindulging in popcorn covered in white chocolate and mixed with candy corn, peanuts, and pumpkin spice M&Ms was far more enjoyable that scrapping it off the ceiling.  And yes, this snack was displayed in vinyl gloves. It was a double whammy in honor of halloween and First Aid.


And here’s a few pics from our Halloween outing.  Russian nesting dolls for the girls and a Bachelorette party for the boys.



And, the most important update from our Halloween week, was the birth of baby George and 4th birthday for Christian! Matt and I are so excited to have our third nephew.  It’s now tied with 3 nieces and 3 nephews for uncle Matt and aunt Megan! Happy Birthday Christian and welcome to this world baby George!

IMG_1077 IMG_09161


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