November Happenings- New oven, Antler Detail, Calking, Vacuum Rental (Wild, right?)

Matt was gone last weekend hunting (he got one!), so I took advantage of this home alone time to check things off my to-do list!

You see this? Yep, all accomplished in 48hours!  None of it is too exciting to share, EXCEPT the outcome of the carpet cleaner.

I rented a Bissell from Lowe’s hoping to give our carpets fresh update, but holy smokes they got more than that! Check out this dirty gross sludge that emerged after using it on every room in the house!

 Wowsers! Right? This vacuum was a beast and it was quite a workout to push around, but it was well worth it! Here’s a look at the family room after the cleaning. Ah, and it smells so nice, too 🙂

In other minimally exciting news, the finishing touches on the stair railing and bathroom counters were driving me bonkers, so I got out the calking gun and sealed those spaces. It’s a small difference, but seriously makes me a much happier person. The pictures below have the before a on the right and the after on the left. 

And remember the antlers from my birthday? I added a little glam to them with my new favorite project supply- Gold spray paint! I think I’ll add some more details with silver spray paint, but for now I am loving the small sparkly detail! To get the straight lines, I wrapped the antlers in a plastic bag, tapes with painters tape, and sprayed them down in the garage. The straight lines turned out much better than my attempt with the pumpkin painting… 


You see here? Yeah, not so good. #pinterestfail


But these antlers, they were a WIN! Here’s how they are looking in our family room. I’m not sure if this is their final home, but I’m liking them here for now.

Ah, and I almost forgot!! The biggest news of our week was the oven delivery!! Three cheers for frozen pizzas back in our house! And kale chips, football apps, roasted veggies, and sweet potato fries!

We spent six full months with this old, broken, useless oven:

And now, this beaut! She heats up quickly and is prettier on the eyes:

And I’ll leave you with this beautiful view from the neighborhood park. Word is that cold weather is five days away, so I’m treasuring this fall warmth as long as I can. And Izzy is definitely reaping the benefits of incremental walks! 



One thought on “November Happenings- New oven, Antler Detail, Calking, Vacuum Rental (Wild, right?)

  1. Hi, I was just talking with Ken, that I couldn’t believe how straight those lines of gold paint were and now I now why. Can you send a couple pics through the phone through message via phone I can show them to Richard, Grandma and Alice? They will be easier for them to see Thanks see you soon !


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