Minnesota Frames

I’ve got a to-do list to tackle today, but I wanted to quickly share a quick craft from a few weekends ago.  I came across this post from a new-to-me blog, and since I already had the gold spray paint on hand from the antler craft, I decided to give it a try! Here is the post: diy-brass-frames-hb-knock-off

I started with these clearance frames from Michaels and gave them  a few quick coats of black paint. Then I spray painted regular painter’s tape in gold.


After letting it all dry, I carefully cut the tape and added it to the corners of the frames. These frames are for 9×9 images, which is definitely not a normal size. I tried adding a larger print photo I had on hand, but didn’t like that I had to add some paper in the background since it didn’t fit the frame. So, this dilemma queued the next part of the project.


I decided to use some old maps in the trunk of my 10+ year car, which I fortunately don’t rely on for my ridiculously terrible sense of direction. #thankyouiphoneGPS.  I found the page for Minnesota, cut it out, and soaked it in coffee to make it look dated.  I cut it to size and was careful to ensure Caledonia made the cut (as Matt requested). A few hours later, I had some unique art for the duo of frames.

Here is the finished project.


For now, I added these to the back of our built-ins in the living room. It turned out okay, but next time I will definitely skip painting the frames black and instead just buy black frames to begin with. However, I couldn’t pass up the Michael’s clearance find and I definitely appreciate that this project (and fun weekend craft) only cost $13. I love a good deal!


And speaking of these built-ins, I have some fun plans to update them and will share the details soon.

In other news, Matt ran his first 5 mile run (2 miles longer than his longest run EVER) and it made me oh-so-happy! I’m hoping to get him to run a few more races with me!




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