Tis the Season!

December is here! The lights are up, wreaths and stockings hung, Christmas cards ordered, Izzy is dressed as Santa, and Christmas is right around the corner! And after much convincing, Matt did agree to no Christmas tree again this year. With a lot of planned travel, it was not worth our time and money for a small amount of time. 2016 will be the inaugural year for the Frank family Christmas tree! 

We also got our first snow fall and saying Izzy loved the snow is an understatement. She sprinted through the fresh snow in our front yard and because her hair is so long, she ended up turning into a snow ball.

   And in other news, we finally checked out a home store in Wayzata called Grace Hill. It was preppy, cozy, and reasonably priced. I wouldn’t mind taking one of everything. Not at all 🙂


One thought on “Tis the Season!

  1. Wow , can’t believe you have snow!. Nice decorating!. Danielle came down and helped Dad decorate the tree, just like old times, She did some Christmas shopping at our house and then on to the Gift Store we went.


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