House Crushes

During my bus rides to work, standing in line at the grocery store, or pretending to watch a TV show with Matt, you can usually find me surfing the web looking at home design blogs. Continue reading “House Crushes”


Bathroom Organization and Family Room Wall Art?

We only have one sink and very minimal countertop space in our master bath. And because of this, I’m often playing the balancing act with my blow dryer, straightner, makeup, and all that other stuff, on the vanity while getting ready. Fortunately, Matt and I are rarely getting ready at the same time, but this lack of countertop space is still and issue with just one of us in this space. Continue reading “Bathroom Organization and Family Room Wall Art?”

To Paint or Not to Paint the Living Room Built-Ins?

I am SO indecisive and though I had the past months to think about my next house project, I still can’t decide if i want to try painting our living room built-ins. January is commitment free for me, so with all the extra time on my hands I’m getting super anxious to start a new project.  But, is my boredom worth the time, money, and energy to paint this wooden beast?  Continue reading “To Paint or Not to Paint the Living Room Built-Ins?”