To Paint or Not to Paint the Living Room Built-Ins?

I am SO indecisive and though I had the past months to think about my next house project, I still can’t decide if i want to try painting our living room built-ins. January is commitment free for me, so with all the extra time on my hands I’m getting super anxious to start a new project.  But, is my boredom worth the time, money, and energy to paint this wooden beast?  I am torn because both Matt and I don’t like the look of these built-ins, but we are reliant on the storage due to our lack of a true mudroom/entryway.  Because we don’t like the look of them, I am guessing we will tear them down and build-up something that is a little more pretty (and omits the built-in desk and pullout keyboard AND mouse pad… days of early 2000’s desktops are over). I’m dreaming of soft grey cabinets with a white marble counter top and glass shelving on the top 🙂 However, because we still don’t know what this room’s primary purpose is going to be, the other part of my wants to try painting them to see if we can decrease our dislike of them until we figure out a game plan for this room.

In any case, here is the room for reference. It’s completely empty right now, because, well, we just don’t need the space at this time in our life and, as mentioned above, we don’t know what to do with it.

Slide2So if I do paint these, I next need to decide on a color. Here’s the color palette currently in our house.


And here are the 4 options for colors that I’ve narrowed down:


Ah, decisions decisions!! It’s definitely something I am working on in 2016. Just make up your mind, and go for it! Which reminds me of a quote I recently read that went something like this “I’d rather live a life of ‘Oh Wells’ than ‘What Ifs'”  True that!


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