My Newest Love- Enamel

This weekend I accidentally fell in love with enamel! I went to Home Depot to buy white glossy paint to update the duo of bi-fold doors in our master closet. However, even though I asked for help to find the product I was looking for, the Home Depot clerk sent me home with clear glass enamel (not the paint kind) instead. I quickly turned my disappointed frown upside down when I realized this is actually just what we needed to address our current bathroom cabinets: Guest Bath ProgressMaster Bath Progress.


You see, these cabinets have been driving me BONKERS because they are ridiculously hard to keep clean. Those make-up marks make my heart rate rise every morning.


So I sanded down the cabinets (again), touched them up with primer and paint (again), and then applied the Behr Enamel and instantly knew this was a game changer. The enamel is high gloss, mildew resistant, and can easily be wiped clean! YES! Here is how it looked after:  It’s bright, shiny, and CLEAN!


And yes, one of those cabinet doors is crooked. We are working to fix that!


So that’s where I initially fell in love. Then I spent the rest of the weekend addressing the guest bathroom, the stair banister, and our bedroom armoire.

The guest bathroom was straight forward. I just repeated the steps I took in the master bathroom. I did use a new paint brush though, which is recommended by Young House Love, and there will be no turning back for me. It was so much easier to get straight lines with this mighty little tool.


And here is the guest bathroom after some enameling. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it looks so much better and will be much more durable with time and inevitable wear and tear. FullSizeRender-3

For the stair railing, I had to control some of my pent up anger towards our contractor that did this work. There was absolutely no attention to detail with the finishing touches. There were gaps between the newels and base deck and not enough coats of paint. So, before I could even add enamel to the stair rail, I had to first fill in the gaps with caulk and carefully give it another coat of paint. In the end, it finally looks as good as it should have looked when we paid that guy $$$ for completing this project. Argh! On the bright side, at least it looks great now!

The top is before and the bottom is after:IMG_2473

The left is before and the right is afterIMG_2472

And of course, Izzy was there with me along the way!


And lastly, I added the enamel to the black painted oak armoire that I completed 5 years ago! This piece was originally my parents, then I painted it and took it to my first  place in Uptown. When Matt and I moved to St. Louis Park, we stored this beast in my parent’s garage. And finally, we moved it to our current house in August 2014. It’s definitely had it’s fair share of beating over these years and was in desperate need of a touch up. I scrubbed this guy down, sanded, and touched up with Valspar Dark Kettle Black paint and then added the enamel. I also had leftover hardware from the Basement Bathroom so I put these extras to work!


And that, my friends, is what an impromptu and super random weekend project looks like in the Frank household! Just me (and a sick hubby) and this amazing stuff:


Productivity for the win! However, productivity is less fun than weekends with these girls:


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