Family Room Wall Art

Saturday morning this is what our family wall looked like.  Pretty boring, right?    

And now, it looks like this:

The wall is suddenly not so boring! I’m super pleased with how the frames and prints turned out. They make a statement, without being crazy and overwhelming.

I ventured to Ikea Saturday morning to buy the Ribba frames. They are such a good deal! Then I ordered black and white prints from Walgreens. Each picture is a scene from on our vacations in December. We now have are a dessert, mountains, and a beach to dream about as we hunker down at night in this cozy room. I think I spent $80 total ($17 for each frame and $11 for each 16×20 photo) to complete this and it was totally worth it! Personal, unique, and budget friendly is always a win in my books!


Matt is the best picture hanging expert and precise measure pro man in this house:


Here is a look at the photos in the frames in their original colored version. Such great memories!


We also spent quality time in the guest bathroom this weekend. I’m excited to share a final update when the new light fixtures arrive!


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