House Crushes

During my bus rides to work, standing in line at the grocery store, or pretending to watch a TV show with Matt, you can usually find me surfing the web looking at home design blogs.

While I check numerous daily, these are my go-to top 3 favorites.

  1. Jenna Sue Design:  I love that her house has the same vertical siding as our house. They’ve done an amazing job updating the interior. If I could hire her to redesign our main floor kitchen and living room, I would be one happy girl! And given the lack of closet space in our master bedroom, I’m tempted to try her Ikea built-in closet hack. It looks high-end, but is only Ikea (and a lot of time and effort to DIY…). Check out her DIY page. All are A.MAZ.ING.
  2.  House Tweaking: The Before and After pictures of their current house is impressive! And I love that they moved their family from a ‘larger than their needs’ house, to one that is much more manageable one. One of her and her husband’s goal is to be mortgage free by the age of 40. I mentioned this to Matt and he is on board to do the same. Based on our 15 year mortgage, we are on track to pay off our house by 42, but with a few extra payments here and there, I think we could do it by 40. How cool would that be?  In any case, House Tweaking also has great resources for higher end Ikea kitchens. It’s intrigued me enough that I think we will look into it when a Kitchen remodel is possible.
  3. Emily Henderson: I actually think I like Emily’s writing more than some of her design and am definitely envious of her little kiddos, but I wouldn’t mind one little bit if she made over our little MN house. She is great at finding vintage furniture for her funky split level, which unfortunately I think is easier when you are living in trendy LA verse the suburbs of MN. In any case, it does motivate me to ensure I’m checking Craig’s List and local Estate Sales to snag up one of a kind finds! Haven’t done that quite yet, but I’m adding it to one of my goals for 2016.


Check them out and be ready to be inspired!


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