Main Floor Bathroom Updates

Before I get into our latest progress on the main floor bathroom, here’s a quick recap of how far we’ve come slowly and inexpensively updating this space.

Original InspirationOak overload, dated tile, and turquoise walls

Progress 1: Painted the vanity white and updated the hardware

Progress 2Completed the vanity and added the hardware

Progress 3: Painted the tile grout.

Though I just realized that I never posted a final picture of the floor after I completed the tile painting. I highly recommend using the Polybend Grout Renew to update tile on a budget. It is super time-consuming, but doable with the right music and podcasts to get you through the tedious painting and slight knee pain. Here is the only before and after picture I have. FullSizeRender-4

Jump forward over a year from when I started painting the vanity and here’s what we’ve recently added to the space- Paint, Wall Art, and Light Fixtures.

Wall Color Update: While I heard from others that they liked the turquoise paint, it just wasn’t my jam. It was too bright and didn’t fit in with the rest of the house. So, I spent last weekend painting the walls Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud. In the pictures, it looks a little purple, but it is more of a deep gray with subtle hints of blue. I absolutely love it. And because half of the walls are white tile, the dark color on the top still works well (I think at least).  Here are some progress pictures:


And here is the finished result:


Lighting:  Up next, we finally got rid of these flowery light fixtures. I toyed with the idea of painting them silver and making them work, but I ended up finding a deal on Amazon for exactly the type I was hoping to find. And for only $59 and free shipping, I made the purchase with just 1 click.  Oh how I love Amazon Prime (don’t tell Target). Here is what I bought: Casella Clear Glass Pendant.  So we said our goodbyes to the lights below:


And added in these beauties:



Wall Art: And lastly, because Izzy spends so much time in this room (poor pup with 2 working parents), it only felt right to ensure she was the center of attention.  So while I was getting prints and frames for the family room wall art, I also picked up a simple square wall frame and printed a favorite instragram picture of our girl Izzy. Not only is this picture special because, well, Izzy is just the cutest, but the backdrop is also Matt’s grandma’s family farm. We spent a lovely day up on this hill last spring and Izzy had the time of her life running around the open fields. Lucky dog!


So there you have it! The bathroom that used to look like this (ignore my PJs and the clutter):



Currently looks like this:



And in other house news, Superdog Izzy and I were playing fetch and unfortunately said our farewells to a cute little glass dish from our entryway table: RIP Anthropology clearance find.




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