Dreaming of a Remodel

Last week Matt and I met with two different remodeling companies to get their thoughts and estimates on some of our main floor makeover dreams.  We still have a few follow-up meetings to understand how much this might cost us, but so far I am pleased with the time we’ve spent with brainstorming with each company.  After having a bad experience with our previous contractor that worked on our entryway tile and installed the stair rail banisters, we know we want to be 100% confident that our next hire will only do quality work.

To find the remodeling companies, I did a lot of research on Angie’s list to find contractors with only good reviews, a good sense of design (from their website and uploaded customer images) and most importantly, reasonably priced.  When the the pictures on any websites project pages clearly included only $1M+ houses, I crossed them off my potential ‘Let’s check them out!’ list.  After some quality time with the Angie’s List app, we ended up meeting with Fair and Square Remodeling  and Blue Line Builders .  While we haven’t received estimates from either of them yet, we had great conversations with each of them regarding opportunities in our space that Matt and I had yet to considered. Time will tell if we actually move forward with this remodel (along with when that will be and who will do the work), but I’m so glad we are starting this process now to ensure we have a plan that we LOVE before justifying the investment.

While both companies were at our house, I showed them my handy PowerPoint of inspiration/ideas for our space. Both, yes both, asked if i was a designer.  While I’m sure they were joking, I just dubbed myself a excessive-pinterest surfer, obsessive planner, and wanna-be interior decorator that clearly needs more hobbies.

So here it is! Six slides of what will hopefully be the future main floor of the Frank household!

1.) The previous owners happened to leave a blue print of the main floor so I snapped a picture of that, uploaded it to PPT, and edited away.  While I thought this was their original plan, the date on the blue print says its from a 2000 remodel. Unfortunately, while they clearly thought about having the laundry/mudroom on the main floor, they did not move forward with this plan. The good news is that because of these plans, we know we can easily convert our dining room into the mudroom.  We will just have to add those walls pointed out below. The other big change we want is to open up the kitchen to the living room to create a more open concept space (second arrow). Slide1.JPG

2.) For the new mudroom, I want to add built-ins for coats, brooms, cleaning supplies etc, a bench under the bay window for a bit more storage, and then I love the idea of finding a cool antique air-moire to use as our pantry. Our kitchen currently has no where to store food, random dishes, you name it, so the more storage, the better! Slide2

3.) For the newly assigned dining room, I’d love to be able to use the current built-ins, but make them look new with a fresh coat of white paint.  Because the current built-ins include a desk (complete with a pull out mouse pad AND keyboard drawer), I’m on the hunt for a wine cooler to fill in that empty space. How great would that be?!  Crisp white built-ins and wine at arms reach while chilling at a table? So. Cool. Slide3

4.)  As mentioned, we want to remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room so we can essentially see our front yard when cooking away in the kitchen (because that happens so often. not).  Because our kitchen already lacks adequate storage and adding this opening means we will lose the upper cabinets, I want to make sure the base of this opening is extra wide so we can maximize as much storage as possible.Slide4

5.) For the kitchen, I want white, white, white. White is so clean, and hopefully timeless, and will work well with the rest of the maple in our house! With that said, I do like the kitchen inspiration on the bottom right that has oak on the bottom and white cabinets on the top. I think I do at least? Or is that strange? And I can’t decide if I like darker or lighter counter tops. I will just keep on dreaming 🙂Slide5

6.) I seriously drool when I look at all this decor. I want it all. Now please. Here are some of the sources: Dining Bench, Sofa, Floor Lamp, Area Rug, Chair (similar).



And that is it! More to come as we continue meeting with these companies.

In other news, we had a great Super Bowl Sunday at our house! Lots of good friends, cheesy food, and fun commercials. Good times for year #2 at our house. And these were the only picture I snapped…Izzy waiting for the guests to arrive and the guests focused on the halftime show (which was the only time any of the girls were in the family room).




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