Dreaming of a Remodel Take 2

This weekend we had the architect and project manager from Fair and Square Remodeling back at our house. The architect came up with a fresh new plan that both Matt and I prefer over our original idea from the previous post. The architect is currently working on formally drawing up this layout so we can get estimates on what this would cost us if we happen to move forward. But in the meantime, I put my powerpoint skills to work.  Here’s what he is thinking:

A. Expand the kitchen into part of the mudroom. We will have to remove the right side of the bay window to do this, but the truth is that that the mudroom is larger than we really need it to be and the space can be better utilized in the kitchen. So if we shift out the wall into the mud room, we will gain about 3 feet in the kitchen.

B.  Avoid hallways. The first version of our layout had a hallway between the mudroom, living room, and kitchen. And, well, hallway space just isn’t that useful. So instead, he is proposing that we completely block off the mudroom from the living room.

C.  Make it even more of an open concept.  And lastly, the biggest change he proposed is to completely remove the wall between the kitchen and living room and add a large center island. This way we can actually access the living room from the kitchen versus only looking into it.  This  layout would require us to get a stove top vent that hangs from the ceiling above the center island, but it does allow us to use all our current appliances (new double oven included).

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.54.48 PM

In other news, here is what else we’ve been up to in our house over the last few weeks.

Getting messy in our kitchen preparing for dinner with a few dear friends:

The looks I get from Izzy when randomly lifting weights during our late night tv binges: 

And speaking of this room, we had a super bowl party and put our family room to good use. Here’s Izzy waiting patiently for the guests to arrive:

Angie, Pete, Christian, and Bennett came for the weekend, but sadly this is the only photo we captured:   

And lastly, while not related directly to our house, Matt and I ran to a few Parade of Home houses yesterday and fell in love with a few designs/decor.

Like this amazing basement bar. That ceiling is to die for:

And this mother of all pantries, complete with a sink, microwave, and wine cooler:  
And we also got a lot of inspiration for storage and organization for a laundry-less mudroom.

And lastly, we loved all the open concept main floor layouts. This one has a few similarities to the latest idea for our main floor redesign. 

And I’ll leave you with this gem (though not house related at all) from our Saturday night Animal Humane Society Gala. Our little family of three through the eyes of a cartoonist 🙂 




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