Basement Bathroom and Wreath Updates

After a few too many of weekend trips, I finally had the time this weekend to work on a few things around our house! Here are a few pictures of how we’ve been spending our time in between March Madness games, Easter festivities, and birthday celebrations!

Because I am still completely undecided on what color to paint the living room built-ins (or if I really want to paint them at all), I decided to use paint I had on hand to try out the bronze color on our basement bathroom cabinet. While I love the progress we’ve made in this space, the cabinet still feels old and dingy so this was a win/win project for me. One, the bathroom would get some improvements and two, I’d get to see what the bronze color looks like on cabinets. Ah, and the third, and likely the most worthy win, I didn’t have to spend a penny on this because I had all the materials on hand! Love!

Alright, so here are some pictures of the progress. We are not done yet, but I’m happy with  how much we got done during a busy weekend.

Here’s the original:


And then I sanded, taped, primed, and painted.  The paint I used was the leftovers from our dining room/entryway update. The color is Brainstorm Bronze. It’s a great mix of grey and brown. This also included me getting the basement shower for the first time ever.


And here is where we are currently. I am waiting for a few touch up spots to dry and then I will be adding a super thin layer of enamel to make it water resistant.


Ah, but now that I like the cabinets better, the countertop is looking terrible. It’s actually only $120-$150 to buy stone countertops from Home Depot for bathroom vanities, but both Matt and I agree that it isn’t worth it since we are rarely using this bathroom. However, I did find this Rustoleum countertop restoration kit that you can simply paint on to laminate. Maybe a bright white to match the sink? We will see!


And in completely different house news, I updated our wintery wreaths to reflect the warmer weather that best be heading our direction! I simply removed the copper snowflakes and added some (fake) pink peonies and striped bows! Please come soon Spring! We want you!

Bye winter:


Hello Spring:


And that’s that for now! More to come soon on the bathroom vanity update! And Happy Easter to all!


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