Painting the Bathroom Countertop

Can I get a cheers to a super productive and fun Saturday!? Sleeping in (7:30!), workout, ladies brunch, basement bath finishing touches, walk with a friend, dinner at the bar, basketball game watching, and wine drinking.  Pretty perfect.

So let’s jump to it! Here is how the basement bathroom finished up. I spent every morning this past week adding another layer of paint to the countertops. The morning paint fumes were well worth it because it looks so. much. better! I can’t get over how much a few coats of paint can change up a space. Below is an overview of the steps we took to get this done.

  1. Clean, clean, clean the surface
  2. Sand
  3. Add two coats of primer
  4. Sand down some more
  5. Add four coats of paint.  This is the Rustoleum product I used: Semi-Gloss White Paint

Here is the official “before” photo of the countertop:


And another picture after a scrubbing it with deglosser. From what I heard on the internet, squeaky clean is imperative to ensure the paint sticks properly.


Then I sanded the countertop and primed it with leftover paint from some other house projects:


Next I added another coat of primer and 4 coats of the rustoleum paint:


Lastly, my super handy husband, who loves nothing more than installing new faucets, spent a solid four hours removing rusty old pipes and the old-school handle in order to add this $30 faucet I found at Lowes.

The oldie:


The newbie coming-to-be thanks to Mattie:


And the newbie is officially ours. This is our third and final bathroom faucet in our house (though out kitchen faucet is still driving my bonkers):


Such great progress:


So. Much. Better. Right? I think so. And I might just be running down to the basement bathroom daily to remind myself how much I like it. The more steps the better. #Imfitbitobsessed

As I should be. Because this  bathroom went from this:


To this:



As for our spending on this space, I think we only spent about $200. We bought everything mentioned in this post plus the additional $35 on the faucet and plumping parts. Thankfully, the paint was all left overs from other projects around our house. #abouttime.

And I’ll end this post with this picture of Matt from our inagural Thursday “we need to learn how to cook” dinner date night. Matt made pizza crust from scratch (and he;s mighty proud) and we both loved it! Half veggie for me, half meat for him, and red wine for all! We were both happy to celebrate Friday-eve!



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