The Beginning of a Garden

It’s April and summer is right around the corner. Given I am not running any marathons this year, I need to fill my extra time with a new hobby. And that new hobby is going to be gardening! Thankfully, Matt was a rockstar planning and building this latest idea of mine. Only time will tell if we will actually be able to grow anything… In any case, we’ve made progress over the past 2 weekends so as soon as it warms up here in MN, I can get to the actual planting! Here are some pictures of the progress.

Morning research on the layout. More math was involved than I thought given the location is on quite a slope.


Finding the perfect spot that will get the most sunlight.


Spending $120 on cedar from good old Home Depot.  We bought enough to make a 6×10 garden.


Cutting the wood and listening to video game podcasts.


Showing off the progress for his photo obsessed wife 🙂


And this is where we ended last weekend.


On Saturday, Ken was kind enough to come to the cities with his truck and wheel barrow so we could fill the garden with compost and soil from the Mulch Store.


Izzy is always trying to help.


And while the boys were busy working away, I was brunching it up with the girls and texting my excitement along the way.


And after lining the grass with newspaper, the boys and Izzy filled it up!


Now we just need the warm weather to come so I can start planting!

And in other news, Matt made pizza again this week. He made the Iowa Girl Eats Thai Chicken Flatbread and it was amazingly good.  I was seriously sad when there wasn’t any left. IMG_4034

Happy Sunday and fingers crossed that MN is done with the snow for now!


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