April House Happenings-Shrub Crutches, Herbs, Grilling, Chaise Lounge

I’m keeping this post nice and simple and limiting it to one sentence (or 2 or 3) per picture (or 2 or 3) of all the randomness we’ve been up to in this house of ours! April is almost over and I am more than ready for nice weather to enjoy our yard and neighborhood.

The shrubs in our front yard took a turn for the worse last year, so Matt added in some lawn stakes in hopes of straightening them out. I hope it works because otherwise Matt threatened that he is going to tear them all out! I think it looks okay with a little disorderly greenery, but he thinks it looks like a mess and a half… Time will tell if it gets better! On the bright side, at least the other side is at least in good condition.

I planted a few herbs in small pots for our deck.  What you’ll notice though is that one of them is empty already…It used to be stevia, which I was super excited to try for the first time. Unfortunately, our little furball ate all of it! The basil and mint is still growing, so it’s safe to say those flavors are not Izzy’s preference.

We’ve been grilling and dining on our deck as much as possible lately. My new obsession is green smoothie bowls on early Saturday mornings while looking at the pond and making my to-do list for the day/week. Matt hasn’t jumped on this ‘green blended stuff’ train yet, but he is rocking it with all the grilling!

I’m waiting until Mat 15th or so to plant veggies in our garden, but I thought I might as well add some blooms for a little color. And supposedly the pollen in flowers is great for vegetable gardens. But within an hour or so of planting them, Izzy completely destroyed one of the poor geraniums and made herself a muddy mess while executing her destruction.  Luckily, after making another trip to Home Depot for a 4th flower, we out smarted Izzy and added the electric fence white flags around the garden.  The fear is real and she is yet to get near the garden yet! Humans for the win!

I’ve been dreaming of a comfortable chaise lounge chair for our deck for the past year or so. I spotted a sale, cartwheel offer, and after adding my team member and redcard discount, I was able to get this chair for $109 off at Target.  I LOVE it, but just need more warm MN days to fully enjoy it. So if you need me this summer, I likely will be parked here with white wine in hand while pinterest searching for our next house project.  And while I proudly did most of the setup, Matt did help with some of it.

And yes, there are some missing planks on our deck. Matt is in the midst of replacing a few boards or totally replacing it. He’s pushing for a new composite deck, but I’m not sold yet (super expensive).

And lastly, I’m getting super anxious to start planting more flowersin our front yard. I bought one new black plantar and decided to spray paint our current one black to match. More to come on the details, but here’s a quick before and semi-after of our current one. Matt thinks it is a little goth, but I think it matches nicely with our shutters.

And that’s a wrap! I’ll leave you with this picture of Matt and I at the rodeo this past weekend.


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