Deck Update Part I and a Trip to the South

Matt is making awesome progress on our aged deck. He is replacing some of the old boards with new cedar planks and sanding down the rest. After two weekends of hard work, I can finally walk out on the deck without shoes on! I’m thinking there is nothing better than barefoot cocktails while lounging in my new chaise chair (which hasn’t happened quite yet since it is still COLD in MN) but a girl can dream. Please bring on the warm weather, MN…. 

Here is one of the before pictures, with just one of the boards sanded down.  It is hard to tell, but there are nails popping up and it’s super rough and definitely requires shoes to walk on.


Matt is becoming a pro (or at least I think so, he think otherwise) at replacing the board.  Notice again that his headphones are in and he’s listening to video game podcasts while he works away. No wonder he doesn’t mind this project.


We had to rent the electric belt sander at Home Depot for $12/12 hours (better deal than I was thinking it would be), but luckily we had the rest of the tools in our arsenal. It’s so nice to finally own equipment for house projects.


Man and his tools! Good work Matt! IMG_4401

And here is what the boards are looking like after the sanding. I think Izzy was even impressed with the difference.


We are so excited to enjoy this deck this summer and continue this green smoothie bowl kick I’m obsessed with over here!


The next step is to finish up the replacing some boards, replace the old railing, and stain and weather coat it all!  Then I have plans to add an outdoor rug and some patio lights. I am still looking for inspiration on the railing, but I’m thinking something like the first image below.  I’m debating the black rods versus wood rods, but I know I love the metal caps on the posts. I think copper would be a good touch. I also want to add in a privacy screen on the left side of our deck to block off the neighbors a bit.

I love this for the railing:


And this for the privacy screen:


Hopefully more updates to come soon! We didn’t get anything done with the deck last weekend since we traveled to Savannah and Charleston for some fun in the sun (the HOT sun) and a wedding.  After walking 20k+ steps around each of these historic cities, I fell in LOVE with window boxes. As soon as we have time, I am going to try to convince Matt to build us two for our front windows.

Charleston/Savannah window box inspiration:


Jones Street in Savannah had the cutest houses ever:


We also managed to find cool home decor stores in both cities. I wanted everything in the store with the American flag. It was called 24e Design and they had such unique pieces. There were also antique stores (which based on my picture also had mini doughnuts) on every corner that were super fun to browse.


The rest of the trip was spent enjoying the southern food and drinks, visiting a plantation and garden (I also have a  new obsession for snapdragons), and dancing the night away at the Aquarium wedding. Good times and I’m still experiencing post vacation depression… Oh how I love vacay life! But I think I like productive home life better 🙂 Life is good! And soon our deck will be like a little oasis just a step away 🙂




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