Hard Wood Floors and Pretty Rugs

The money is paid and the hardwood is ordered! We are officially removing the dingy carpet, replacing it with hardwood, and re-staining all new and old hardwood to be a bit darker than our current wood floors. Right now I feel like we live in an oak explosion, so it will be nice to add some different hues to the house and some character with some fun area rugs. 

We are still deciding on the stain, but we know we want to floor to be darker than the cabinets. Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to paint the trim white, but in the meantime I’m excited to see if I like the current trim better when the floors are in a better spot.

Here are a few options. I’m leaning towards the one on the right.

And here are a few more. I like the idea of super dark floors, but I know they are hard to keep clean.

Here is one of the few pictures I could find (from houzz.com) of lighter color cabinets and darker wood floor. Obviously I think it would look better with white cabinets, but maybe that time will come later in our house journey.

Ah, now rugs are what I am really looking forward to! Below are some of my favorites for our family room. So far my top two are B and F.  Option E doesn’t look the best in the image below, but it caught my eye in the second picture shown.

Rug Sources:

A- Rugs USA

B- Safavieh

C- Pottery Barn 2

D- Ballard Designs.

E- Wayfair

F- Crate and Barrel

G- Pottery Barn 1

H- Target


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