A Laborous Memorial Day and my crush on Benjamin Moore Advance Paint

Unlike past Memorial Day weekends that involved a lot of drinking and eating, Matt and I had a SUPER productive three days, which was still fun (at least I thought so). Preferences certainly change with times, right?  Here’s a few snippets of how we filled our weekend. 

Matt went golfing Friday and I had a relaxing night at home watching TV,  blog stocking my favorite designers, and creating my own spa-at-home. That didn’t go well and I WILL be getting a pedicure at a salon this week.  I’ll give myself points for trying though.  I also found time Friday night swing by the grocery store Aldi in our area and put their grocery prices to the test. Verdict:  The rumors are true. That place is a steal. I got a ton of fresh fruit, including pineapple for $1.99, for close to half of what I’d spend at Target. I love you Target, but sometimes you are not as good as a deal as one would expect.

Since it was rainy on Saturday we decided to drive an hour west to check out this cute dog that needs a home. We brought Izzy to see what she thought of this title (er, more like medium) shih tzu lab mix, but ultimately we came to our senses and decided two dogs is not the right move for us. He sure was cute, but any dog in our house needs to be less than 10lbs for my liking.  They do look like they’d be brothers and sister though, right?

During the entire hour ride back home, I was a super supportive co-pilot (not) and checked out more home blogs (yes, I’m obsessed) and came across a few posts regarding grey/navy built-ins. One example is from my go-to fave, Emily Henderson.  Since I’ve been vacillating about painting our oak living room built-ins for over a year now and had three solid days to work on it, I decided to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT. More to come on the progress and outcome, but below are some pictures of part of the first 3 days of labor… As I’ve been working away I’ve been listening to the audio book Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline and it’s making that somewhat mundane task of paint, scrapping, sanding, etc. that much more enjoyable. In all honesty though, I do think I enjoy painting 10x more than the average DIYer. I find it very therapeutic, productive, and rewarding.

I spent Saturday afternoon removing the doors and sanding/deglossing. Then most of Sunday was spent priming and caulking.  I did a few coats of the paint and I’m loving how it’s turning out. More to come soon!

This is how the built-ins looked on Saturday morning:

Matt let the house for 30min to go get wood from the deck and he came home to all the doors removed. I’m getting more confident with the power tools and had those hinges removed in no time! I also lightly sanded everything and scrubbed everything with a few coats of deglosser.


Most of Sunday was spent adding the first and second coat of primer.  I used oil based primer for the first time and am happy with the adhesion.  It’s super hard to get off your skin though.  Word for those using oil paint, try coconut oil to get it off your skin before trying any chemical remedies.

We spent Sunday evening at the cabin and it was so nice to kick my feet up (though covered in paint splatters) and relax with the fam. We even spotted the most picturesque rainbow as we finished up dessert of the deck.  Oh how I love you, Lake Minnetonka.

And how great are Sunday nights when you know Monday doesn’t mean a day at work!?  I had all day to add the first coat of the actual paint, which is so rewarding after a few days of the grading prep work.  I went with Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal in order to match the cabinets with our front door. I splurged on the best paint out there for cabinets and will never use another brand again. It’s called Benjamin Moore Semi Gloss Advance Waterborne Alkyd Paint and it rocks. My goal is to have the project finished by the end of next week before the hardwood floor guys start. I need to give the paint enough time between coats to dry and cure, so I can’t work as fast as I’d like. More to come soon!

I’ll leave ya with this picture from 2 years ago. Happy anniversary to my man! Xo!



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