Living Room Painting Progress

It’s been none stop painting over here, but I’m happy to report that I am finally done painting the cabinets AND even fit in painting the walls. This room is coming together and I’m so excited to next add in the hardwood floors.

As a reminder, here is where we were about 2 weeks ago:


And here is where we are today. I keep walking into this room just to remind myself that the room is not stuck in the 90s anymore (aside from that builtin desktop computer space, but we have ideas brewing for that).


I waited a solid week before adding on the doors and the hardware.  You are supposed to give the paint a week to cure and harden before using it fully, so I had to use my patience before putting it back together. And by me, I mean Matt. I do the painting, he  does the power tooling.


As soon as the floors are done, we will style up the cabinet shelves and I’m toying wit the idea of changing out the silver knobs for something more fun. Possibly rose gold? The silver does look better than I thought it would with the dark grey, so maybe I’ll just save an extra penny and leave it as is.

Since I finished the cabinets ahead of schedule and I wasn’t a fan of the khaki color walls (which I swear also had a pinkish undertone), I decided to go for it and paint the walls while I was in the painting groove. An extra benefit of having the carpet removed next week was that I didn’t have to worry about plastic wrapping the floor or watching my paint spillage carefully. I had to take advantage of that!

I tested 4 different colors. I originally thought I wanted to paint the room white, but after testing that color on the wall, I felt it wan’t going to work with the oak trim. I think white looks so great with white trim, but it looked like unfinished drywall next to the oak window and molding. The Winter Gate color was too dark, but I was torn between the Agreeable Grey and Harbor Grey.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 7.41.57 PM

I ultimately let Matt make the decision because I am the queen of indecision and stress myself out over small stuff like this… He went with Agreeable Grey which I happily agreed to! Agreeable Grey is actually on the same color scale as our Kitchen/Family Room (Mega Greige) and Dining Room (Brainstorm Bronze). It is a perfect mix of grey and beige and it honestly changes colors throughout the day. In other words, I love it.

Here is a snap shot of the color after the first coat.  I am getting fast at painting rooms these days and always only tape the baseboard to save time. As long as the paint brush is high quality, I can get a straight line on the top and sides.


Now we continue the waiting game! Our contractor dropped off the hardwood floors today. The woods needs to acclimate in our house for a few days and then the crew will start on the installation on Wednesday! As soon as the floors are done, I’ll post a complete before and after. I’m pumped to start thinking about rugs and furniture for this space.

And although the thought of starting this process over again is quite daunting, I am tempted to paint our family room cabinets next… Just gotta wait until my next paint ambition hits! 


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