Kitchen Ideas while Keeping our Current Layout

A few weeks ago, we recieved the mainfloor floor plans that we had Fair and Square Remodeling put together for us. I love the idea of opening up the kitchen, creating a private mudroom, and adding a fun large center island, but the truth is that the remodel will be VERY expensive (though we didn’t even get into the details of what this would cost). A lot of this cost comes from removing a load bearing wall, tearing out half of the window in our dining room, and thus replacing the exterior with new siding.  While this would be a fun project, I don’t think it is the right way to add value to our house.

For reference, this is our current layout:


And this is the proposed layout from Fair and Square. Our kitchen gets bigger, we get awesome storage in the mudroom, and a large pantry for food in the kitchen. All are improvements that would be lovely additions to our house.



But while I’ve been busy painting the living room cabinets and patiently awaiting our hardwood floor remodel to begin (tomorrow, tomorrow, you are only a day aware), I’ve been thinking more about how we can update the kitchen while maintaing the current layout. Here are three of my initial thoughts:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.11.23 PM

1. Remove the current upper cabinet to the right of the sink. This cabinet juts out and separates the main kitchen from the seating area. I love the idea of adding floating shelves to show off some of our dish ware and open up the kitchen a bit. This kitchen
stole my heart and does a great job of mixing warm woods with some classic elements.

2.  I came across this pin via pinterest (which does not link to a site with this image) and I love how it balances the traditional oak cabinets on the bottom with the contemporary white cabinets on the top.  Given I now have more confidence in my wood painting capabilities, I am more interested in attempting to paint part of the kitchen. However, I definitely need to let this idea brew for awhile. Are tuxedo kitchens too trendy? Or are they the perfect solution for kitchens like ours? Emily Henderson seems to think the later.. I want to ensure the changes we make to our house stand the test of time (for the most part). More thinking on this one… which could be a while based on my indecisiveness…

3. Add backsplash (we simply have drywall now), replace the countertops, and update the flooring.  Fortunately, the wood floor is getting refinished this week, which I hope helps the entire feet of the main floor. But, it also might make the linoleum countertops and lack of backslash stick out like a sore thumb… Right now I am liking white granite and simple subway tile backsplash (which I realize is slightly overused right now, but I still like it).

And in other news, we had a great night at the cabin complete with a beautiful sunset…


And fresh peonies from my mom’s garden…


Tomorrow the hardwood installation process starts!!!! I’m so excited!! And I am even more excited that our contractors Angie’s list rating is an A+. That is a BIG step up from the big mess that we hired for our entryway tile installation.


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