The Floors are done and so Starts the Hunt for a Bench

After 10 days of living without any furniture on our main floor and a few sleep overs at my parents house, our main floor new hardwood flooring is complete! We went with Early American and I am happy with that decision. While tempting to go with a darker stain, I think this stain fits well with the style of our house and looks like a fancied up version of what could be the original flooring.  UB hardwoods was A+ and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat for anyone else needing floors refinished or installed.






And remember this mood board I put together for the family room?


It’s now real life!  However, we didn’t end up putting back the leather chair because we liked the extra space near the window. It makes the room look a bit bigger and opens up the view of the window.  Yes, Izzy is still my favorite accessory. And, she is fanatic about having something soft to lay on again. I don’t think she is as much of a hardwood fan as Matt and I.



Now that we have the room put back together, both Matt and I agree that getting a call bench for under the window is next on our list (along with a new accent table… the covered up old Target ottomans are super practical, but not the prettiest).


I started my online search for the perfect bench on Sunday and while I found one that I would buy in a heart beat, it was over my budget. I’d like to stay under $350ish if possible (ideally under $200). Can you guess which one below is over $800?  The rest are all from Overstock or Wayfair and are around $200, with one being $450 and it’s currently my favorite…

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.53.51 PM

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Happy Monday! Off to continue my book club book The Opening Belle.


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