The Plan for the Master Bedroom

Over the next few weeks my plan is to pain the master bedroom. I’ve narrowed down the color options to either Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore or Wrought Iron by Martha Stewart. The only other new items I’d like to purchase for the room is simple white curtains for the windows. I bought the current yellow ones at Target about 2 years ago now and I am already not a fan. The neutrals are calling my name now more than a pop of color.

Below is what I am thinking. We already own the bed, white duvet, TV cabinet turned armoire, floor mirror, and patterned pillow cases (from our guest bedroom). I think I’ll buy the white curtains from Ikea again (the ones in our family room are Ikea) and sew them to the right length. While I like the gold curtain rod, I’m thinking we should just use the wrought iron ones we currently have. I will be hanging them higher to the ceiling this time though, every article says so. This one included.

I am still looking for something unexpected and fun to hang above our bed. I found this DIY woven wall hanging on Pinterest, which seems easy enough. But do I love it?… Eh, I need to keep looking.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.32.33 PM

All in all, I’m thinking we can change the feel of this room for $100: $50 for paint and another $50 or so for the white curtains. Not too bad, right?



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