All Hale the Hale Navy! Master Bedroom Progress

Last Sunday, at about noon, I decided to paint the master bedroom and ignore all other reasonable things I should have been doing. And suddenly, by 8pm, all the painting was done!

Since I really wanted to get this job done in day, I didn’t have time to test out paint samples on the walls. Instead, I did some google education, and there seems to be broad agreement in the blogging community that Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is a fool proof navy blue. So I went with it and have no regrets!

Unfortunately, the intense 8 hours of my painting marathon (well really more like 2 marathons) included 4 trips to Lowes and Home Depot. Whoops. The first trip was the get the paint. A given.  However, when I started painting with my roller, which I thought I thoroughly cleaned, I realized it wasn’t a replacement roller was a necessity…  So back to Lowes I went to get a new roller. Trip #2 complete! Back to painting! But moving fast and furiously, I realized I didn’t do the best job covering the carpets (which I would love to replace soon), and got a few too many paint splatters not he carpet and put my mineral spirits to use to get out all the unwanted paint. Well, I spilt one too many times because I ran out of my mineral spirits so I sent Matt to Home Depot to get more for me. That’s trip #3. Back to painting I go again. And just when I had 1 small corner of the room left, I realized my 1 gallon of paint was not going to suffice. Hey Matt, want to go to Lowes now? So, yep, Matt headed out again for one more pint of paint. And there you have it. Four trips in 8 hours. And team work in the Megan Matt household.

It paid off though, because it’s done. And we love it.

Here are some before pictures:


And here is how it looks now:






It’s so pretty, simple, serene, and the best color for sleeping. Both Matt and I were surprised how much darker our room is at night now that our walls are not white (or that strange shade of light blue that we used to have).  I even caught the Izzster escaping to take an evening nap in the room by herself this week.


But overall, I think my mood board came to life as well as I can DIY and I believe we spent only $115ish: $30 paint (gallon), $12 paint (extra pint), $8 paint roller, $5 mineral spirits, and $60 Ikea curtains.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.32.33 PM

In other news this week, I put up my first Craig’s list purchase! We used to have this Threshold Chair in our St. Louis Park apartment, then it sat in our bedroom collecting clothes and junk I never put away, and because it didn’t go with out new color scheme, we decided to part our ways. The chair is still online on here  for $199.  I posted it for $65 and had 5 emails asking about it within 1 hour.  The buyer is supposed to come pick it up tomorrow morning, so hopefully we will have cash in hand soon!




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