Living Room Inspiration

It’s been two years with our living room empty, and I’m finally confident enough with my plan for this space to start getting serious about some purchases.

Here is how it currently looks:



And here is the layout. It is definitely a large room, at about 280 square feet. I’d like to add a dining room table, which will sit up against the newly painted built-ins. The other half of the room will be a cozy living room.  I’d also like to add a sliding barn door (though more with a more traditional door) to separate the mudroom from this space. Because of the bay windows in the mudroom, I want the doors to be frosted glass so light can come though, but we can still hide the space as needed.



To start planning this room, I first browsed all my favorite retailers to put together my dream space, though VERY out of our budget. Here’s how this looks:

High End Living Room.PNG



And now, I am working hard to find a more budget friendly option that has the same vibe. Here is how it is coming together. Lower End Living Room.PNGSources:

The couch in the second version is the same on from one of my favorite home blogs, House Tweaking. She bought the couch in 2012 and from the sounds of this review, it’s quite a good deal for a leather sofa. And because it is manufactured by a big box company, many different retailers carry it. In fact, Amazon even sells it, but they are currently $400 more than Wayfair.

House Tweaking.PNG

So I think we are going to browse more furniture stores in the coming weeks to make sure we feel good with the dimensions  But right now, I am feeling really good about the sofa, dining bench, rug and dining table.


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