Living Room Progress

I’ve changed my mind on a few things, namely the rug and the dining room chairs, so here is the latest and great mood board for our living room.

Living Room ideas 2.PNG

I found the rug on Rugs USA originally, but after a quick good search, I found it on Amazon for over $150 cheaper. And, it already arrived. Amazon, as much as I shouldn’t like you, I really do!

And thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Copy Cat Chic, I was able to score this amazing deal on the chairs below. The team member discount as well as Target’s promotion of save $125 if you spend $500 helped get the final cost per chair down to $63.  For looking exactly like the CB2 chair, I’m pretty pumped to be “saving” over $1200.  I think they will be a good modern element to the rest of the furniture which is more traditional.


So thus far, we’ve purchased the rug, chairs, dining bench, and couch. I’m wanting to order the dining table, but need to invest more hours shopping around.


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