Living Room Progress 2

It was a fun week with a new delivery almost every day! Last week, our chairs, bench, rug and table arrived. The table was the last to arrive and after seeing just the chairs and bench in the space, I was getting worried I was a bit aggressive with the amount of furniture we can fit in this space. However, once we got the table, the room magically looked bigger. It’s crazy how sometimes MORE furniture seems to enlarge a room.

First came the rug, late at night, so my apologies for the bad photo. After placing it both vertically and horizontally in the room, we decided we like it best vertically. New layout below.



Next came the bench. I submitted a complaint to Wayfair because both Matt and I were convinced they forgot to send the 4 legs with the bench… Then we found it buried under the base of the bench. Whoops. Wayfarer did get back to us in 24 hours with specifics on where to look for the legs on this product. Overall, I was impressed with their customer service.


After the bench arrived, I decided I really want to clear out the room to get a better feel of how the couch and new chairs will look on the rug. This meant the current hand-me-downs from my parents needed to go, stat. I posted the pictures below on Craig’s list on Thursday night and by 4pm on Friday I had $260 in hand, the chairs and ottoman gone, and met the cutest older couple that was oh-so-happy to have these in their home. Win, win!


The next arrival was the 6 chairs from Target. Matt put them together in no time while listening to his fantasy football podcast  and drinkgin a beer.  Whatever works!  The chairs are better than I expected. Good work, Target!

Up next was the table. Matt and I went to Hom Furniture last weekend to check it out, but I wanted to look around a bit more to ensure we got the best deal possible. After a lot of internet shopping, I was confident that the Hom table was the one for us- size and color being the most important. So we went back Saturday morning to buy it, but the price went up $70! Say wha?! I talked to the salesman about our situation, and he respected our scenario and honored the previous week sales price. Love it!



The table is so beautiful and matches the leather chairs too perfectly. I keep walking into this room and just stare at how well this all came together. I’m looking forward to many family gatherings, parties with friends, and using it for crafts and more serious work when I don’t want to be near the TV. In fact, I used it this afternoon wrapping a gift for a friend’s shower. Matt was busy making this massive venison omelet in the kitchen, so it was a treat to stay away from his mess and use this new table to get some of my wrapping done!



Happy to say that it is coming together swimmingly so far. Almost half the room is done, but I am still deciding on the perfect chandelier for above the table. I’ve narrowed it down to about 4-5 different options, so I will share in the coming days!




The couch should be the ne t to arrive. Izzy is the most anxious. She only has a lousy pillow to sit on as she guards the front door right now…


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