Living Room Chair Purchase thanks to Google Image Search

On Monday, my 29th birthday, I decided I’d treat myself and purchase these beautiful chairs to finish off the living room furniture expenditure. I felt good about the price, I love the style, and they only got 5 star reviews. I went to purchase and found this out: They only deliver in CA!!!! Not cool, Living Spaces, no cool. There wasn’t even an option to pay for shipping. Just strait up no.


I was sad. And mad. On my birthday. After wallowing in my sorrows for a few minutes, my 29 year old self remember that someone, somewhere, once said that google has an IMAGE search function. And that is exactly what I needed since I had no idea what search terms to use in order to find a similar style chair as my beloved Kingsley Accent Chair. All you have to do in upload a picture of what you are searching and magically google shows you all the retailers selling similar items.


Here is a snap shot of all the price ranges I found for this style chair thanks to Google image search:


Obviously, the nicely priced Wayfair option was my first preference. Somehow, after spending some time checking out the Wayfair option which comes with 30+ fabric options, I found out that Wayfair’s sister site, Birch Lane, also sells this same chair. And you know what, Birch Lane happened to be offering 20% off with a code HOMECOMING. With that additional savings, and free shipping, I was sold! It also got great reviews and looked almost exactly like the Living Spaces option. After applying the 20% off, I ended up getting the chairs for $439/char vs. the $595/chair I was originally planning to spend. YES! What a nice birthday surprise! The chairs are on order, but unfortunately, wont make it to our house until late November. For over $300 in savings, I am totally fine with the wait.


With this purchase, all the big buys are done. Now we just continue the waiting game for the couch and these duos of chairs to arrive!



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